Professional. Friendly. Experienced.

Why choose you as my Photographer?

My goal is to make photographs you’ll love.

Whether you’re hiring me for portraits, wedding photos, property pictures, events photography, or another type of photography, you can relax and know you’re in experienced, professional hands.

I like to build a strong relationship with my clients, many of whom are repeat customers that often recommend me to their friends and colleagues. So a lot of my business is generated through word of mouth. I think this is because people see how much I really love Photography, and how I consider meeting their expectations to be of the utmost importance. To me, Photography is much more than a job.

What type of Photographer are you?

I prefer to make Documentary style photographs, using natural light whenever I can. If I use flash, I use it carefully and minimally, trying to maintain a natural look as much as possible. But I do everything from Wedding photographs, to Commercial Photography, Event photography, Portrait Photography and more besides. The skills needed to perform well in one area, inform my practice in other areas of work. Above all I am interested in people and the world around me, so I find diversity in my work to be beneficial. I do everything!

What if I'm nervous?

If you’re going to be in front of the camera, it’s probably not something you do everyday. Feeling nervous is completely normal. But you’ll quickly see that I enjoy meeting new people, and I‘m good at helping them feel at ease. I find that the best pictures come from fun and relaxed shoots, when people can just be themselves. So I always try to bring that atmosphere to the shoot.

How did you get into Photography?

In another life, I was off seeing the world as a Marine Seismic Survey Engineer. I started that work in 2003, and soon picked up a camera as a way to keep a diary of my adventures. Gradually I became more serious about photography. Between 2006 and 2008 I photographed my work at sea, and the crew I was a part of, culminating in Time For Time which looks at the reality of spending half your life at sea, working and waiting for the other half of life to resume when you step back onto dry land. I enjoyed making that project so much more than my actual job that I resigned to study photography full time. So, from 2008-2011 I was a student on the internationally renowned BA Documentary Photography course at USW. I haven’t looked back….

How do I get in touch?

To get started, you can call me (Rob) on 07792250634 or email me at [email protected], or you can use this contact form. I’m in Edinburgh city centre, at 14 Viewforth Square, Edinburgh, EH10 4LW

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